Powder Processing

Mixing & crushing type - a powder crusher with rocking & rotating action of container Rocking Mill

Processing function

Mixed crushing, powder crushing

Container capacity



The crusher is suitable for crushing & mixing plural kinds of powders.
The mill can crush material with mixing , and discharge crushed powder only.

Mixed crushing : Powder can be crushed and mixed evenly by rocking & rotating action.
Complete discharge : By inclining and rotating container, crushed powder can be completely discharged.
By discharge adapter, crushing balls and crushed powder will be separated.
Easy cleaning : Container can be easily cleaned because of no impeller, etc.
Mounting / dismounting of container : The container can be mounted or dismounted and is suitable for various kinds of powder processing.


Crushing mechanism


Mixing & crushing type

Mixing & crushing type

Container capacity:


Container material:


Mechanism for complete discharge

By inclining container for 20° and rotating, processed powder is discharged.
Crushing balls and crushed powder will be separated and discharged by a screen of discharge adapter.

Discharge mechanism
Discharge adapter

Discharge mechanism



Loading - For details, please click here

Powder is loaded by inclining container for 20°.
Loading angle can be changed to 40° or 90° as option.

Discharging - For details, please click here

Processed powder is discharged by inclining container for 20° and rotating.
Discharge speed can be adjusted by controlling rotating speed of container.

Mounting / dismounting - For details, please click here

Container can be mounted/dismounted by lifting.
Labor can be saved by optional mechanism of mounting/dismounting or up/down & reverse.

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