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1942 Founded "Aichi Electric Repair Company" in Nagoya City
Established "AICHI ELECTRIC MFG.CO.,LTD." in Nagoya City
1947 Established Nagano factory
Established Tokyo Office
1948 Established Gifu Factory
1951 Established Kyushu Office
1953 Established Sendai Office
1955 Established Osaka Office and Sapporo Office
1957 Started production of small motors
1959 Established new and well-equipped factory in Kasugai city, and integrated factories to one site
1960 Separated Nagano factory and Gifu factory and established Nagano Aichi Electric Co., Ltd. and Gifu Aichi Electric Co., Ltd.
1961 Established new motor factory
Listed in Second Section of Nagoya Stock Exchange
1964 Established "Aichi-Emerson Electric Co.,Ltd."(present "Aichi Elec Co., Ltd."), joint venture with Emerson Electric, USA.
1967 Established Okinawa Office
1970 Concluded technical collaboration with ELIN UNION, Austria
Listed in First Section of Nagoya Stock Exchange
1973 Established high voltage large transformer factory
1977 Established Tohoku factory
1985 Established toilet seat factory
1986 Changed name of organization to "AICHI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD."
1987 Conducted capital investment and technical agreement with "Thai Maxwell Electric Co.,Ltd." in Thailand
1988 Joined establishment of Thai Compressor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. in Thailand
1990 Established motor No. 1 factory
1992 Established Toki factory
Constructed Head Office Building
1996 Acquired ISO9001 certificate(Electric Power Products Div.)
Control equipment department acquired ISO9001
1997 Acquired JET certificate for solar power generation power conditioner
1999 Acquired ISO9001 certificate(Electric & Electronic Products Div.)
2000 Acquired ISO14001 certificate
2001 Separated Toki factory (Present "TOTO Washlet Techno Co., Ltd.")
2005 Established "SUZHOU AICHI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD." in China jointly with AICHI ELEC CO. and AICHI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.
2006 Established new manufacturing system of small transformers
2008 Constructed new production line of middle transformers
2009 Constructed new production line of large transformers
2011 Constructed new production line of control equipment
Established "Suzhou Aichi Gauss Motor Co.,Ltd." in China jointly with AICHI ELEC CO.and two local companies in China and AICHI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.
2013 Established "PT.AMTRA ELECTRIC" in Indonesia jointly with Thai Maxwell Electric Co.,Ltd. and AICHI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
2017 Merged the sales subsidiary "Aiden Shoji Co.,Ltd."
2020 Merged the subsidiary "AICHI ELEC Co."