Electric Power Company's Products

  • Transformers

    Pole-mounted Transformers, Industrial Use Transformers, Pad-mounted Transformers, Distribution Transfomers for Large House Building, Step Voltage Regulators (SVR), On-load Tap-changing Transformers (LRT), LRT with Palm Oil, Mobile Substation, Reactors, Neutral Grounding Resistors, Balancers, Transformer Abnormality Diagnosis

  • Control equipment

    Recieving and Transforming Facilities, ITV, Control Protection Relay for Electric Stations, Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Distribution Automation Systems

  • Power Converter Equipment

    Storage Battery System, DC Power Supply Equipment, Grid Connection Equipment, High-voltage DC Circuit Breakers

  • Plant and Industrial Equipment

    Biogas Power Generation Systems, Plant Constructions in Overseas, Solor Power Generation Systems, Hydroelectric power generation system, Powder Processing and Drying Equipment, Boilers and Electric Water Heaters

Motor Company's Products

  • Hermetic Motors

    Small Size BLDC Motors, Middle and Large Size BLDC Motors, Automotive BLDC Motors, Small Size Induction Motors, Middle Size Induction Motors, Large Size Induction Motors

  • Various Motors

    BLDC Motors, Capacitor Motors, Shaded-pole Motors, Solenoids

  • Motor Application Equipment

    Liner Actuators, Fan Motors and Controllers for Cattle Farms, Shutter Operators, Submersible Pump Motors, Geard Motors

  • Electronic Control Equipment

    Inverter Modules for Air Conditioner and Refrigerator Compressors, Pump Control Units, Non-contact Power Supply Systems, Health Care Appliances