Powder Processing

Moisture control type - a powder mixer with rocking & rotating action of container Rocking Mixer(R)

Processing function

Moisture control

Container capacity



The mixer is suitable for fine control of water content of powder in a short time.
Air spray nozzle is attached to standard type mixer.
Moist air is sprayed by humidifier.

Even moisture control : Water content can be adjusted for convectional flow of powder in container.
Time reduction : Treatment time can be shortened by controlling moisture in about 1 hour.
Complete discharge : By inclining and rotating container, mixed powder can be completely discharged.
Mounting / dismounting of container : The container can be mounted or dismounted and is suitable for various kinds of powder processing.

Mechanism of moisture control

Moisture control fucntion


Moisture control type

Moisture control type

Container capacity:


Container material:


Mechanism for complete discharge

Processed powder is discharged by inclining container for 20° and rotating.

Mechanism for complete discharge

Mechanism for complete discharge



Loading - For details, please click here

Powder is loaded by inclining container for 20°.
Loading angle can be changed to 40° or 90° as option.

Discharging - For details, please click here

Processed powder is discharged by inclining container for 20° and rotating.
Discharge speed can be adjusted by controlling rotating speed of container.

Mounting / dismounting - For details, please click here

Container can be mounted/dismounted by lifting.
Labor can be saved by optional mechanism of mounting/dismounting or up/down & reverse.

Standard type

Fine powder mixing type

Liquid adding type

Moisture control type

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